Thursday, January 25, 2007

Dealer Specialties Introduces Vehicle Manager

According to a press release, Dealer Specialties, a division of Dominion Dealer Solutions, recently announced the launch of Vehicle Manager, an Internet-based inventory management application for dealers.

New features in Vehicle Manager include:

Inventory Management

—Access to Administration Tools
—Automated Inventory Rules
—Price Comparison Tool
—Moving Inventory
—Categorizing and Sorting Inventories

Inventory Marketing

—Vehicle Brochures
—Vehicle Videos (VeVos)
—Global Vehicle Marketing Text

Vehicle Manager is available immediately and is offered in a variety of different package options for every dealer need.

One thing that sticks out for me is the Price Comparison Tool. DataOne Software is the only company I know that has something like this. Depending on the strength of this tool in their new system, this could be a big competitive advantage for DS.

Notice also the Vehicle Videos (VeVos). This is a new technology product offered by only a couple other companies that I know of - Unity Works! Media and SiSter Technologies. This feature as well will help boost the Dealer Specialties product.

If you are using this new Vehicle Manager by Dealer Specialties or if you have seen it in action please share yoru thoughts and experience.

Comments on "Dealer Specialties Introduces Vehicle Manager"


Blogger Umer said ... (22:24) : 

You can hardly call moving still shots up/down and sideways as vehicle videos. It is no more then an image gallery with voice.


Blogger R Gerardi said ... (18:28) : 

Yes that is an accurate observation. The product is not actually a "video", it is images sticthed together to create a motion experience. Although technically that is exactly what video is - still images laced together to create a sense of motion. But yes in essence this is not true video.

I think this sort of presentation will become a standard throughout the next year or so.


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