Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Key words and key findings in a competitive SEM race

Today I came across a web page so out of the ordinary that I had to post an entry on it. The extraordinary part is not so much the site itself, but locating a bedfellow such as I did on this rare site.

The site is called MailBucket and the bedfellow is a Cold Fusion developer that although I do not know him per se, I do know his company. To locate something obscure like this and with such a close degree of separation, is not out of the ordinary.

Ad Words, Key Words, and SEM

This is something to keep in mind when putting together SEM campaigns. Competing for popular ad words is expensive. Buying ad words that are well paced with these high-priced ones can be rewarding too. You can often get more click-throughs per $1 with these words as well.

For instance, you want traffic with users searching for KEYWORD X. The purchase price for that keyword is $1 per click. The purchase price for KEYWORD Y, which generates about 90% the click-through rates of X, is 75% the price of KEYWORD X. Dollar for dollar that is a better return.

Purchasing keywords in lower positions can generate equally as much traffic and costs much less.

Comments on "Key words and key findings in a competitive SEM race"


Blogger umer said ... (03:46) : 

A rare find indeed. Are you a CFML developer yourself? What keyword was it. Also on your point of keywords... it is not always important to be number 1. Number 4 is excellent also... gets you to be the top right spot. BTW in our industry we really got to stop using SEM... for a PPC program as SEM is whole lot of things.


Blogger R Gerardi said ... (22:56) : 

Ah well it appears the content on the web page I link to has been archived. I guess this means we can't see the contents again. I should have snatched them and put them in this entry.

No I am not a CFML developer. The keyword was "Dealerskins".


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