Tuesday, January 09, 2007

PORTLAND, Ore., Jan. 9 -- Chrome Systems Inc., the industry leader in automotive data, today announced the introduction of an all new Automotive Description Service (ADS). ADS is a Chrome-hosted web service with the ability to deliver more accurate and comprehensive vehicle descriptions than the VIN decoder products currently on the market. ADS allows users to:
  • Use detailed descriptions to make used inventory look as good as new
  • inventory
  • Conduct robust inventory searches on dealer and consumer websites by
  • providing normalized vehicle names, equipment descriptions, and color
  • descriptions
  • Improve VIN decoding to increase the accuracy of vehicle valuations
  • Normalize inventory for website and database analytics
  • Easily and automatically map vehicle data among various data sources.
If you are using the new ADS or have information to share about this new Chrome product, please post your comments now.

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Blogger Umer said ... (23:06) : 

We (AutoJini.com) are just switching over to ADS from the chrome engine. Main reason for the switch is that it is a web service and can't get chrome engine running on Linux... it is supported on linux but you must have X-Windows. Also the chrome style matching suppose to be better on ADS compared to c engine...


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