Saturday, November 25, 2006

iMagicLab Produces One for the Team…a blog, that is, called


If you are looking for the Dealer Magazine website and forget to or don’t think about putting a hyphen (-) between the two words (dealer & magazine) and the three double ewes (www) and the dot com (.com), then you will have appear before your very eyes a newly created blog called Produced by Keith Latman of iMagicLab, formerly known as iCarMagic, is a blog for the next generation auto professional.

The format looks more like a discussion forum with dedicated contributing writers concentrating on specific topics like CRM and advertising, which are two things Jeff Kershner writes a lot about on his blog I have a feeling however that the Dealer Magazine people will have some concerns once they learn of the name and domain being used.

I will go ahead and add this site to my blogroll and make a point to reference content posted there that is relevant to BlogPro.

Online Discussion at Auto Industry Forum

Online Discussion at Car Dealer Forums

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