Monday, October 16, 2006

Izmo’s Hybrid Solution for the Hybrid Marketplace

This month Izmo Cars is making available to some markets The Hybrid Internet Sales System, a.k.a. THISS. The announcement was made by Izmo Cars V.P. of Training Dennis Colome at the company's San Francisco headquarters with this press release.

According to their press release, THISS is the first hybrid sales system in the industry designed to integrate the dealer's present systems with modern technology. I don’t know what that means, but let’s move on. It enables dealers to use their current resources and achieve the maximum output with the least amount of effort from each person involved. I think I know what that means but how is this different from what every other sales consultant and company in the marketplace attempts to do? THISS assists dealers increase lead conversion and manage the Internet department through a proven sales system. Great, but again, isn’t that what all these companies strive towards? One of the benefits of THISS - it can be integrated and is compatible with all Internet Sales Department technology. Ah, ok so this is the silver bullet!!!

The program offers on-site training plus an in-depth analysis of consumer facts, trends, and dealership statistics. Now we are getting somewhere. The customized templates excite potential customers, brands the dealership, and projects professionalism that will make the customer want to begin a relationship with the dealership. I suspect this is their CRM software to which is being referred.

Realize that my sarcasm is out of my own ignorance of THISS. Izmo is a great company with great products and if anything is apparent in the promotion of THISS it is Izmo’s effectiveness in marketing. Why not pass that on to the dealers they represent? The acronym is catchy, the color theme they have chosen, bright red and white, is provocative and appealing. Izmo has a great line of marketing tools and concepts that I have no doubt when applied appropriately in the dealership can produce results. They have Dennis Colome, known as one of the industry's leading dealership processing trainers, behind the distribution of THISS.

My first impression is that Izmo has a “system” they know works and they also have the right guy behind it and a good marketing strategy. But I would like to know what makes this system a hybrid? Is throwing the word hybrid into your product name just a catchy trendy way to attract dealers in a marketplace where hybrid is the buzzword, or does THISS truly offer a hybrid solution for the Internet department at the dealership? What two heterogeneous elements are being fused together here?

Let me know what you know about THISS. I am interested in knowing more about the actual product, or the system per se.

Source Article: Izmo Announces THISS The Hybrid Internet Sales System

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