Sunday, September 10, 2006

BDC, SDC…What’s the difference and which do you have?

David Hein of, or, has brought up a good point. Your Business Development Center, or BDC, is most likely really a Sales/Service/Satisfaction Development Center, or SDC. Theoretically, the BDC should concentrate on the internal and external processes of your business as it relates to the customers and the vendors as a whole, not just the sales conversion and lead management processes, etc. Maybe it is time for your dealership to expand by creating an SDC?

This is good stuff. If you think about it, the SDC would be a sub-set of the BDC and considering the many facets of sales and marketing opportunities within an automotive dealership, the SDC could have multiple responsiblities - lead management, demos and test drives, conversion, delivery, follow-up, service appointment scheduling, service drop-off, service pick-up, more follow-up, yada yada yada. The more thought and completeness put in to each of these activities of the car buyer then the more the dealership can take advantage of customer experience and loyalty.

What David explains as a typical experience at the service center is true. Americans today want McDonald’s-paced service with their car. We want the red carpet rolled out for us. It may not be realistic for the dealer to provide that for everyone, but if customers are like me and see a genuine effort put forth behind a thought-out and effective system then he or she will likely be impressed.

So what is your BDC doing? Is it concentrated on lead management and conversion or is it touching the outer reaches of the car owner experience? Post your comment today.

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