Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Memorial Entry for Elisabeth Kelly Reilly of AutoMart.com

This past weekend Elisabeth Kelly Reilly was shot and killed at a shopping center in Virginia Beach. It appears as though the shooting was the result of a mugging that went awry. Kelly was an employee with AutoMart.com. The link below leads to the article about the incident.

Source Article

My condolences go out to family, friends, and co-workers that knew Kelly, who was recently married and probably seemed to have had a bright future before her. There is little that can be said to provide comfort in times like this, but in my experience I find comfort in knowing that people like Kelly who came to this earth for such a short period of time when it seemed they had everything to live for, were here to fulfill a God-given purpose that may or may not be known to us here on earth. May peace and understanding be made available to those closest to her.

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