Tuesday, December 05, 2006

AutoJini Stresses Technology and Backs it up with a Nifty Signup Procedure

The other day I came across AutoJini by way of a comment left on this blog by someone with the company. Upon visiting their website I felt inspired to write an entry on them because of the company’s obvious grasp on today’s technology. For a dealer not familiar with the technology terms and solutions available today, the AutoJini site could be overwhelming with all of its content, but for those that are up to date with the latest offerings AutoJini.com reveals some things about the company.

Most apparent to me is that AutoJini are technology people, but not necessarily marketing people. The site is rich in content which tells me they have a grip on the terms and technologies needed to create an online presence for dealers. They also have a blog which is a clear indication of being in step with the forerunners in the industry. I am not convinced however in their effectiveness in marketing. Understanding the importance of marketing concepts is different from applying them and the way the website is presented it indicates to me that truly effective marketing is not their game.

The most inspiring piece on the site is the signup form which presents the dealer/user with many template designs from which to choose and then prompts the dealer/user to input important information about the dealership and site preferences. Since I did not actually complete the form I can not comment on how deep the signup process goes, but it certainly appears to be the most automated signup process I have come across online in this industry. Kudos to AutoJini for that.

AutoJini is geared toward the non-franchise dealer and from what I see it has much to offer. To whomever it was from AutoJini, “thank you” for commenting on the blog and I look forward to learning more about your company.

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Blogger AutoJini said ... (18:01) : 

Hi Ryan,

Thank you for the excellent write up. It is much appreciated. As far as marketing comment go.. we are mainly focused on search engine marketing so therefore the site content and navigation may look bit odd in traditional sense but for online marketing and conversion rate we are doing excellent.

If you are ever in Ames, Iowa or Toronto, Canada area give us a call.



Blogger R Gerardi said ... (09:51) : 

Makes sense. Outside of Google, what other systems are you utilizing for your search engine marketing?


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