Thursday, December 07, 2006

iMagicLab to Buy and add Hosted BDC services to Improve Dealer Conversions

iMagic is on the move to provide a call center for its dealers to call prospects and customers as an outsourced solution. I emphasize “outsourced” because with the purchase of DealerConcierge this actually becomes an in-sourced solution. The intriguing aspect to this acquisition is that the service is intended to integrate with iMagic’s CRM.

Keith Latman, Chief Software Architect of iMagicLab, said the addition of the Dealer Concierge "will allow dealers to use our hosted call center to make calls directly to customers at schedules the dealer can change in real time from inside the CRM suite." Latman said with iMagicLab's proprietary ActionPlan system guiding the process, calls can be triggered by over 20 different events within 15 minutes.

Latman deserves praise for his innovativeness and ability to make quick moves like this and get them publicized. I do not keep up with the CRM industry so I am interested in hearing feedback from my readers on this.

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (00:52) : 

Keith really sets Imagic apart from the competition with this addition of Concierge service. A customer relationship management tool is only as good as the people behind it making the calls in a timely, professional manner. This takes an enormous burden off of the dealership to find and develop the right person for that job. It will also ensure the most important thing to get from your CRM tool- ROI.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (15:46) : 

This is baloney. was already owned by Mr. Keith Richard Latman. He created the domain on 28-Feb-05 per the whois record. Seems like just another trick up this indicted fraudster's sleeve.


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