Sunday, December 03, 2006 is now linking its customers’ inventory to Google Base is now linking its customers’ inventory to Google Base, a content search system with appeal to advertisers because it puts products (like vehicles) on the front shelf for users searching for things on the Web to see.

Bonfigli says as far as he knows, is the only company providing the automatic inventory uploads to clients. Bonfigli said has been uploading its clients’ inventory for about a month but working to make sure everything was running smoothly before officially announcing the service today. has proven to be an innovative company in this business vertical and also has a knack for gaining press attention. Google Base is still an under-developed system but that is changing quickly. I am curious to see how this impacts users benefiting from the service.

Source Article in Dealer Magazine

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Anonymous Alex said ... (17:55) : 

It’s funny how some digger and slower moving companies get the press every time they do something new. Sites like have used Google Base, Google Maps, AJAX, etc from the very start. Leveraging Web 2.0 and all of its offerings is how the new players outmaneuver the old.
I worked at for 6 years and everything took a long time to plan and develop. When I joined Web2Carz I found my self liberated and free to release new and exiting features on monthly if not weekly bases.



Blogger Ray said ... (20:56) : 

I agree with you alex. We have been sending our dealers inventory to GoogleBase for awhile now. It's a bold claim they make saying that they are the first to send their dealers inventory to Googlebase.


Blogger R Gerardi said ... (22:11) : 

Gentlemen. Thank you for your input. I have checked your sites and like what I see. This entry about was posted because I came across the press release, which as you can see are effective for communicating to the world what is going on with your company. Now that I am familiar with your sites I will make a point to post about them. Keep in touch, this industry needs more of it.

BTW - Back in September I had posted an entry questioning where the online automotive community is. It is encouraging to receive your comments.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (15:46) : 



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