Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Backs are Being Scratched for the Independent Automotive Dealers

A couple months ago I had posted an entry questioning readers about where the online community was in this industry. Click here to check it out. I had just embarked on this blog venture at the time and was searching all about for the online activity in the automotive online marketplace, but there was little to be found. Today however is revealing a different story.

In the past month I have come across a few new online ventures specific to this industry, some of which I have already posted on and some which I have not. Interestingly, of the recent discoveries I have encountered, the target audience or clientele for some of these sites has been the independent dealers. I find this encouraging because it shows the innovativeness of technology and marketing providers out there for the independents. Call it a sign of grassroots if you will.

Take a look at AutoJini’s blog and HigherTurnOver’s blog. Both target the independents and for similar reasons from what I can tell. They both are providing website solutions designed for the independent dealer but both are backing up this standard product with innovative technology resources such as blogs with content written to help market their businesses and sell cars. This is cutting edge.

I look forward to getting closer to these innovators a bit more that are behind these sites and I am encouraged to see that the online community for this marketplace is indeed growing.

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:37) : 

This photo was better when i saw it in the Hemmings blogs back in july at http://blog.hemmings.com/index.php/2006/07/03/our-own-kinda-fireworks/


Blogger R Gerardi said ... (22:58) : 

Yes it was better. How did you come across this entry anonymous?


Blogger Jim said ... (14:31) : 

Thanks for all the useful information. If you get time I would love to see an article about the new training via the Internet that some companies are providing. I am always looking for more training and more useful information about the auto industry.



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