Saturday, September 09, 2006

Edmunds to stop selling VIN data

Although I can not locate any official press releases or anything on this, word has it that Edmunds is getting out of the business of providing VIN data to vendors because it will be revving up its classifieds business and does not want to be providing its valuable VIN data to competitors. A shift like this can not be taken lightly.

For one, Edmunds is one of the few key players in the business of providing VIN data in the same league as Chrome & Polk, so pulling out will have significant impact on those that subscribe to such data. One such company affected will be AutoTrader, who subscribes to Edmunds VIN data and will now need to find an alternate provider as well as keep tabs on Edmunds now as a growing competitor.

If you have information or insight on this definitely post your comments. I am interested in knowing about other companies that will be affected. This includes companies that will now need to find another VIN data provider as well as companies that will now need to keep a closer eye on Edmunds Classifieds.

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Anonymous Jeff Kershner said ... (17:55) : 

I heard this as well Ryan. I also heard that they are directing their current customers over to DataOne Software. Maybe this is an avenue for Homenet to tackle???


Blogger Andy Volodin said ... (11:16) : 

Indeed, they still provide free access, but with limited amount of queries. It is not useful for non-US VIN number. You can use eg this VIN decoder. It provides access to its VIN decoder API as well for developers.


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