Thursday, April 27, 2006

TK Carsites Receives Diamond Award in Auto Dealer Monthly 2006 Dealers’ Choice Awards for Website Design

TK Carsites, Inc. was been named the recipient of the Diamond Award in the Web site Design category of Auto Dealer Monthly 2006 Dealers’ Choice Awards.

"It was an honor to win the Platinum Award in 2005 and now even better, the Diamond Award in 2006," said Richard Valenta, president and CEO. "These awards reaffirm our commitment to providing the best products and service in the industry, period."

TK Carsites is a developer of Internet related products for Automotive Dealerships nationwide. TK Carsites currently has a base of over 1,000 dealerships in 48 states.

Auto Dealer Monthly is a publication of and is delivered monthly to nearly 33,000 subscribers nationwide. is an online service that has been delivering educational and informational material to the automotive retail industry since May 2000.

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (17:00) : 

Richard Valenta,

I have numerous problems with my website that has been live for 9 months now. I have had customer complaints that they could not find what they want in the inventory (your sort by price feature did not work), my traffic to the site is almost all derived from SEM because you are way behind the curve in SEO even after 9 months and numerous calls with Jim Rucker, and most recently, I had a customer blow up in the box about their 0% financing that is shown on my incentives page that you created and framed in and I have no access to change. We haven't had this offer in months. The list goes on, but I'll keep it short.

You think you would get it right after it took you 6 months to create my website to begin with. I want you to give me a call because I am a very dissatisfied customer. And to handle me, you put me off to your dedicated "Customer Retention Officer" who had been there for less than a month. Why do you need someone dedicated to "retention"? You have my number or you can get it from Chelsea.

Here is a snapshot of our webstats and SEM efforts:

Ali Ahmed
Vice President
University Dodge


Anonymous Inventory Management Software said ... (08:08) : 

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